Photographer, Video Photographer, Photoshop Editor, TV and Graphic, AD Editor, Short Film Editor

Service Area:   Great Britain 

Language Speaking:   普通话,English    

Price Start from-Photo shoot £160 Per 2hs; Wedding day £450 Per day, True photo edit £6 per photo; Video edit £50 per mins.

I am happy to be part of MM Beauty Team.I am a talented and creative photographer with background in fashion and advertising. My expertise is in boutique wedding, portraiture, fashion and event photography.I have Master degree in Commercial Photography and 14 plus years working experience in commercial and private photography. On my profession career I have won international and China advertising photography competition awards more than 20 times.


I have good relationship with local media such as TVBS-Europe, Singtao Daily and UK Chinese (Ying Zhong Newspaper). I used to work with Chinese super stars including: Mi Yang, Bingbing Li, Jolin Tsai, Nick Cheung, Peter Ho San Chan, Ming Dow, Leo Ku, G.E.M, Mayday, Likun Wang, Laure Shang, Alfred Hui etc.





服务起价 – 摄影£160每两小时; 婚礼跟拍£450每天, 后期修图£6每张照片; 剪片£50每分钟.

Enzo拥有14年工作经验的全职摄影师, 同时担任摄影培训教师多年。商业摄影专业硕士学位,并在国际和中国举办的广告摄影等比赛中获奖20余次。与TVB欧洲部等电视和杂志媒体有良好的合作关系。曾经服务过的华语明星包括:杨幂,李冰冰,蔡依林,张家辉,陈可辛,明道,古巨基,邓紫棋,五月天,王丽坤,尚雯婕,许廷铿等等。